Over 30 years Experience in Utility

Construction and Rehabilitation Business



Contractor of the Year &

Safety Award

2016 HRUHCA Safety Award


* Water, Sewer & Storm

   Drain Installation


* Sewer Maintenance &



* HDPE Pipe Fusion


* By-Pass Pumping


* CCTV Video Inspection &

  Cleaning of Sanitary

  Sewer & Storm Drains


* Rehabilitation of Sanitary

  Sewer & Storm Drains    

  Utilizing Slip-lining & CIPP

Certified installer of Saertex-Liner

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This Cured-In-Place pipe is made of corrosion resistant fiberglass & is impregnated with resin that is cured with ultraviolet lights. We use a computer to control the curing process and logs the inside & outside temperatures in the inlet & outlet manholes. This data is recorded and submitted after completion of the job.

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WB&E delivers field reports in digital format (PDF). All video is submitted in MPEG format. All CCTV reports/data is compatible with Hansen.